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Final Impressions: High School DxD

9:00 AM on 03.30.2012 // Josh Totman

What a short twelve-episode ride it has been. We go from what I was hoping was a harem anime to something a bit different. Sure, elements were there for this to turn out that way but it just doesn't make it. Which, from where I sit, makes this more of an action/comedy/romance.

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Boy, did this series throw my expectations all over the place. At first glance, you can easily think that this is just another harem anime. That, by the end, is not the case. Issei is completely a harem guy through and through. Hell, he even calls himself the Harem King. This was the man's dream from the start and does he get to full fill his dream? Sorry, not even close.

This is where multiple problems come into play on what this anime really is. First off, there are a large amount of women in here. Also there is a very large amount of nudity. Hence once again to a harem anime. This drove me nuts! I am expecting one thing and they didn't go that way. So what did they do or not do, you ask? It's simple, everything.

There is a little bit of everything in this anime and it's not steady at any point. We will go to ecchi, to slapstick, to romance, to action, to what-the-funk insanity. Now, I wasn't bored at all with this series. There was so much going on all over the place to keep me entertained the entire time. Also boobs. 

The main story holds true through the entire series. Issei wants to be the harem king, but has already chosen the one he wants to be with from the start. After he is saved by the president, he becomes a demon. So now, he has to play the role of a demon and go out and get contracts with people to up his demon level. This makes for some funny episodes with him dealing with some really special freaks. Later on we just kind of drop that bit for some reason. Maybe he got some during off times, I don't know. Anyways, there is another moment in the series that was pretty much a wasted episode. This is where they were suppose to catch a pet guardian. Absolutely nothing came of this! I would have rather of wasted this episode on a longer end battle. Frustration has now set in.

Character design is nice but nothing too special. To me, the president was the worst drawn of all of them and she is the main female lead. This makes me not picking her as my top woman in the series. I choose the queen if you really need to know. This leads me to the animation. Animation was hit-and-miss all over the place. There are loads of places where you can tell there was a budget cut involved. The action animations were done pretty well from what I can tell. The action itself was kind of cut short in most cases. When the fight was starting or just about to get good, they would cut away to where everyone else is. Then we will return to the beat down being over. Total cop out from animating it.

Speaking of ecchi: almost all of the nudity in the series sees to be mostly look but don't touch. Sure there is a ton of naked breasts, but not a lot of groping. This is not a complaint, but when it comes to ecchi harem series, this is the norm. The main male protagonist falls on every girl and gets a feel. It's in the ecchi guidebook for crying out loud! This series has thrown the ecchi and harem books out the window.

After all of this, I still enjoyed the series. It's not great, it's not good, it hovers just above OK wanting to be good. It had promise in a lot of aspects, but in the end, it just comes up short. Even the ending to the series was cut short because of the low episode count. One or two of the middle episodes didn't need to happen and could of made for more of a bad ass last stand battle in the end. If you are looking for something a little different then the normal harem anime, I would recommend this to you for a glance. If you are into anything else but harem, then I would not even bring this up in conversation. It's not worth your time. Also boobs.

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