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Friday Night Fights: Breath of Fire's Ryu vs Yuri Hyuga

8:00 PM on 02.01.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

A harmonized battle between two transforming warriors.

*ding, ding, ding*

It's over!

Even if time was being stopped during this fight, the audience was able to pin point each action that was going on. Time control was the important factor in this fight, and Homura's abilities allow her to stop time at a blink of an eye. Good thing that Kiritsugu his knowledge of Homura's skills to take her down, but Homura's unhealthy love over Madoka allowed her to restart the battle. Now that Homura has analyzed the situation, she uses her past mistakes to create the perfect surprise attack. As Kiritsugu prepares for the usual actions, Homura closes in with her firepower and time stopping abilities. Homura wins! (22 > 12)

It's still a miracle that the J-tor Arena has been able to take so much damage -- you know, with all of these robots and powerful characters battling it out. For today's match up, I am in the mood for a battle between characters that can change into different creatures, so we are getting two heroes that make use of this power very effectively. In many of his incarnations, he has been known as a proud fighter of the Dragon Clan/Brood, Ryu is ready to show folks that you don't mess with dragons. With each battle won, this Harmonixer can harness the powers of monsters, and use them for his transformations. Considering the horrors that he had to overcome, Yuri from the first two Shadow Hearts games is here to show people that he can upstage any dragon. Just to make this fight more interesting, we have created a dimensional distortion that will grant both fighters all of their abilities from every game that they have appeared in. 

The votes and persuasion skills of the audience will be deciding factor in this showdown between the two transforming heroes. Make sure to add a +1 to the changer that you vote for, since it will let us keep tabs on their ridiculous forms. Ryu and Yuri will battle it on from today till Wednesday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time. It's time to get to the safe grounds, because both fighters are now reading their stances.

*ding, ding, ding*

Get ready to transform!

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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