Friday Night Fights: Saya vs Anri photo
Friday Night Fights: Saya vs Anri

6:00 PM on 02.08.2013

Two cute red eyed girls face off.

*ding, ding, ding*

It's over!

Oh wow, both Ryu and Yuri got too carried away with their battle. Countless lives were taken by the hands of the Kaiser Dragon and the Dark Seraphim, which almost resulted in the battle getting postponed. Luckily, there were a few brave watches in the fight, so we were able to get the real scoop on what went on. From what I was told, Yuri's dirty fighting and verbal abuse affected Ryu so bad that Yuri got to finish him off with For the Child. Yuri wins! (3 > 2) 

We may be a week away from Valentines Day, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t partake in a battle that’s connected to the color red. So let’s bring out our two contestants that get serious by making their eyes glow red.  When she’s not fighting the chiropterans, she is busy resting up her strength; however, she plans to awaken for this special occasion. People who fear her blood should back away, because Saya from Blood+ has entered the arena. Locals from Durarara’s version of Ikebukuro are no stranger to these parts, and this fighter can turn you into her loyal servant. Ladies and gentlemen, Anri Sonohara unsheathes her Saika for battle. Since Anri is human, she doesn't have to worry about getting petrified by Saya's blood. And with this handicap placed on Saya, the winner will be the one who is better at wielding a sword. 

Your votes and persuasion skills will be the real weapon in determining the lady that comes out a victor. Be sure to add a +1 to the red eyed girl that you side with, since it allows us to keep track of the slashes that are delivered in battle. Saya and Anri will clash sword from today till Wednesday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time.

*ding, ding, ding*

Keep those eyes open and make them glow!

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