Friday Night Fights: The Bonne Family vs the Blue Rogues

6:00 PM on 12.28.2012
Friday Night Fights: The Bonne Family vs the Blue Rogues  photo

*ding, ding, ding*

It's over!

Equipped with the Rainbow Sword and the Berserk Bandana, Crono was dragging Stocke across the floor with his sword techniques. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, Stocke uses the power of the White Chronicle to catch Crono off guard. Unbeknownst to Stocke, Crono happens to find a time portal nearby that takes him back to the spot where Stocke's counterattack was suppose to happen. Stocke could not fend off against Crono's Confuse technique and counters, which leads up to Crono ending the match with a Luminaire, the strongest spell in his arsenal. Crono wins! (9 > 3)

Seeing how the 25th anniversary of Megaman is coming to a close, it occurred to me that we haven't featured a character from the Megaman series. For a good while, I've been in the mood to have an all-out sky pirate battle, which leads to my choice in this week's battle. Hide your precious artifacts, because the Bonne Family and their Servebots have arrived with every powerful machine at their disposal. Unlike our normal pirates, these guys are noble when it comes to pirating. Let's give a cheer for Vyse, Aika, and Fina of the Blue Rogues. Will the Bonne Family's technical skills take the crown, or will the Blue Rogue's combat experience and control of the Dephinus lead them to a flawless victory? 

Your votes and persuasion skills will be the key in choosing the right crew in this match. Make sure to add a +1 to the pirates that you side with, since it gives us the edge in keeping track of the score. The voting period will go from today till Wednesday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time. 

*ding, ding, ding*

Take to the skies! 

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