Gainax announces "A Certain Patriotic Reagan"

3:00 AM on 04.01.2010

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Dateline Tokyo:

Gainax, the team that brought you Evangelion, Gunbuster, Gurren Lagann, and a bunch of other over-rated ferrner crap with jigglin' tittays and big goofy eyes has finally stepped up to the plate and delivered the anime you've been dreaming of, A Certain Patriotic Reagan.

That's right, it's morning in America again! Bush is back! Cheney's back! Afghanistan is back! Iran is back! Charles Keating is back! Barry Goldwater is back! The Ayatollah is back! Gorby is back! Mullets are back!

Featuring the voice talents of some people who's names you shouldn't be able to pronounce and music by some awful famous Japanese band who have been phoning it in since 1998, this promises to be the most thrilling animated experience to ever come out of a country that we decimated solely to scare those commie pinkos in Russia! 

Watch Ronald make us feel good about ourselves while arming people who would eventually attack us! Watch Oliver North lie about Iran Contra! Watch deficits and corporate entitlement bu-fu our manufacturing sector and reduce you all to downloading fansubs all day because you didn't go to law school! Watch a bunch of flags and shit wave around while we freak you out about nuclear war!

And if you have a problem with it, go suck an egg and die in a gutter with all of the rest of the bums looking for a hand-out, Lebowski! If that's YOUR REAL NAME!

A Certain Scientific Reagan will premiere on Fox News whenever some guy isn't yelling at an ill-prepared sacrificial lamb guest, followed by some creepy guy crying about losing America because he can't buy a chain gun at Wal-mart.

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