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Gainax confirms its 20th century Great Britain anime

9:00 PM on 05.29.2010 // Mike LeChevallier

When Gainax announced its oddly-titled upcoming project, Pansuto (AKA Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt), there were equal waves of approval and doubt that flowed throughout the anime community. What in the world (albeit, the crazy, slanted world of Gainax) could this show possibly be about? Would it be more story/character-driven like Gurren Lagann or something akin to the prepubescent tomfoolery of Hanamaru Kindergarten?

Just as more detailed speculation regarding the show has been beginning to surface, today at the Fanime 2010 convention in San Jose, California (which I am now kicking myself for not attending, it being in my neck of the woods and all) Gainax's co-founder and executive director Hiroyuki Yamaga confirmed during a packed-house 'History of Gainax' panel/Q&A the circulating theories regarding a rumored second, "more refined" Gainax production. Seriously, isn't everything Gainax puts out pretty damn refined?

*awaits backlash*

Like many had gathered, specifically from a new job listing Gainax had put forth in late April, this new anime will indeed be taking place in 20th century Great Britain. The precise dates are yet to be known, but a general timeline between 1900 and 1930 has been established. According to Anime News Network's article, there seems to have been some kind of priliminary translation mishap at the Fanime discussion today:

The panel's interpreter inadvertently translated Yamaga's response about the second project's setting as "19th-century England," but Yamaga had actually said "20-seiki Igirisu" or "20th-century Great Britain."

As you can see, things were cleared up with the quickness to quell any kind of confusion.

This initial confirmation about the show is the only solid news that has been reported as of now. We here at Japanator will be sure to keep you updated on this topic, as we all know how much the majority of you cherish your Gainax anime.

[Via ANN]

Mike LeChevallier,
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