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Garage Hero's April Fools' joke was a brilliant social experiment

8:30 PM on 04.02.2017 // Salvador G Rodiles

There's no such thing as bad publicity

With April Fools' Day being over, Bueno of independent tokusatsu studio Garage Hero posted a video where he talks about his motive behind his recent prank and social experiment about the state of Strega, the sequel to his R-rated comedic hero film Gun Caliber.

Before April Fools' Day arived, Bueno started off his joke with an update on Garage Hero's Facebook page that talked about him selling Strega to Toei, and that the film would be retooled into the next Kamen Rider TV show that'll replace Ex-Aid. In fact, he was even able to a few toku blogs to help him with the prank, such as Orends: Range and Daisuki Toku.

While Bueno could've kept the prank exclusive to April Fools' Day, it was neat of him to set this whole thing up two days before the special occasion, since he wanted to see if more people will talk about his upcoming project if the title "Kamen Rider" was slapped on it. To an extent, his plan served as another example of specific fan groups only caring about a certain genre or medium if a well-known brand is in its name.

In the end, I gotta give the guy some props for this campaign since it helped push his upcoming movie out there-- even if a few people didn't like his joke. As always, I wish Bueno and his crew the best with their studio grow bigger than before as share more of their creations with the world. Since we have a long way to go before Strega is complete, you can check out the Web series version of Gun Caliber here (NSFW).

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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