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Gatchaman returns!

2:00 PM on 12.21.2012 // Hiroko Yamamura

How will the live action film pan out?

Did you think we'd have a Gatchman filled day? It must be because the world was supposed to end. Ever since I heard the 3D animated Gatachman remake was cancelled, I keept hoping for some exciting news to tickle my nostalgia bone. Well, at the end of days I can tell you we now have signs of life! I present the first tiny glimpses of the Japanese live action remake!

Unfortunately we just get some shots of some cute boys and a hot girl, no bird suits of God Phoenix in sight. Any news is good news, and the film is still on track from an August 2013 release. I'm pretty excited and scared to see how the costumes are going to play out for this one. The character choices do look pretty good, and Condor Joe is looking emo enough to satisfy my picky tastes. I just hope that they do justice to the vehicles! Please have some raving hermaphrodite lunatic for Berg Kattse!

[Via JEFusion]

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