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Get a crazy Black Rock Shooter figma with the anime box

10:00 AM on 02.12.2012 // Josh Tolentino

Well, technically, it's the "figma INSANE BLACK ROCK SHOOTER" figma, but I have to say it does look pretty cool. With the spiky gauntlets, random metal bits and a disdainful expression (rather than just impassive), the figma looks like what would happen if someone were to redraw Black Rock Shooter herself in the style of her rogues' gallery.

This edgy take on the original edgy take of the decidedly un-edgy Hatsune Miku will be what fans are getting when they plop down cash for the Black Rock Shooter anime's DVD or Blu-ray box set come June, kind of like what they'd have gotten assuming they also plopped down for the White Rock Shooter figma that came with Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

It's just a little bit sad that, unlike some recent trends in BD/DVD releases, the Black Rock Shooter set will not be getting subtitles of any kind (even though its current NicoNico stream broadcasts in English), so besides wallowing in the show's visual splendor there's little reason for non-fluent importers to pick it up (besides the figma).

Here's a question, dear readers: Which version of BRS do you prefer: Original, Video Game, or Insane?


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