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Get charged up? Kyoryuger's suits and logo run wild

4:00 PM on 12.06.2012
 Get charged up? Kyoryuger's suits and logo run wild  photo

Well, it's that time of the month again, people, since Toei has revealed the logo and Ranger suits for the upcoming Juden Sentai Kyoryuger. From what was shown so far, I can't help but to be a bit skeptical about the new designs.

Not to nitpick at the show's logo, but the font and colors resemble the same one used in Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger. Taking into account that the new series is guaranteed to be a more fun and strong series, the logo's appearance might lead to it being another hotblooded show. Thus making Kyoryuger's logo the least of my concerns. 

Now, as for the suits, I think the helmet have too much black in the spot where the mouth is suppose to be. I can understand that they want to go with the dinosaur mouth helmets, but they need to add some color in the spot where the silver mouth part is. To some extent, the suits look like a fusion gone wrong between the Zyurangers, Gaorangers, Abarangers, Rio, and the Goseigers. Then again, my opinion might change when the show airs, since the scans don't do the suits justice. 

Despite my skepticism over the suits, I find it neat how the Juden part in the title has to do with charging, since the team changes by using Beast Batteries infused with the souls of dinosaurs. In fact, the charge from the batteries could result in the beast form that I am hoping for. And due to a battery's inability to work on its own, the new heroes will use the Gab Revolver to transform.  

Kyoryuger is still going to be in my radar, so I am not going to let some scans ruin it for me. And on top of that, there's some information after the jump that's gets me even more pumped up. 

Another neat aspect about Kyoryugers is that they are going to be the fourth Sentai team that doesn't have a Yellow member, since the five Kyoryugers are Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and Black. Just like the other Dinosaur themed shows, Red is going to be a T-Rex, except that he has a giant robot known as Gabutyra (Heh, bite plus the Tyra in Tyrannosaurus Rex.), but that's where the similarities end. Then we have Blue as a Stegosaurus that summons Stegotchi, Pink (The only female in the team.) will be a Triceratops that calls upon Tricera, Green is confirmed to be a Velociraptor that fights with Zactor, and Black is Parasaurolophus that teams up with Parasagon. 

Instead of having a five-way combination, Red, Blue, and Pink's robots are going to form the Kyoryujin. Then Green and Black's robots will act as the attachments that grant new abilities to the Kyoryujin. We can also expect there to be talking robots, and Shigeru Chiba (Pilaf from Dragonball, Buggy from One Piece) will be doing some voice acting for the series.

So yeah, I still have high hopes for Kyoruyger being an electrifying Sentai series, since the direction and writing won't keep it from going stale. The fact that we are getting a Green Raptor Ranger is one of the many things that prevents me from doubting this series. To those interested in the show, Kyoryuger will charge up TV Asashi's Sunday mornings on February 17th. 

You can check out the new costumes and logo in the gallery section of the post.

So is anyone going to give the series a chance, or has the costumes turned you off from the series already? 

[via JEFusionHenshin Justice]


 Get charged up? Kyoryuger's suits and logo run wild  photo
 Get charged up? Kyoryuger's suits and logo run wild  photo
 Get charged up? Kyoryuger's suits and logo run wild  photo

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