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Get cooking with KyoAni's new original winter anime

4:00 PM on 11.28.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

2013 is looking to be a delicious year already.

There are two shocking twists in regards to Kyoto Animation's new series. First of all, it's coming out in January, which is not a normal thing for KyoAni shows. since they tend to go for the Spring and/or Fall season. And the next surprising news is that KyoAni's new show is going to be an 'original series!'

Yup, you heard that, right, folks! KyoAni is going to grace its viewers with a show that come straight out of the studio's creative minds. So get ready for their next new sensation, because three of K-ON's finest are joining together to create Tamako Market

So far, we have Yamada Naoko acting as the show's director, Yoshida Reiko will handle the series composition, and Horiguchi Yukiko is going to design the characters in this new tasty delight. 

I will admit that I have yet to watch any animes that focus on cooking or food, but Tamako Market sounds like a recipe for success, since I hear that most cooking animes tend to be phenomenal. While things remain vague on Tamako Market, we do get a quick video of one of the characters coming to life before our very own eyes. 

So to all of you KyoAni fans, are you all looking forward to their new original anime? 

[via My Anime List]

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