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Get hype for Blue Exorcist: The Movie

8:00 AM on 11.08.2012
Get hype for Blue Exorcist: The Movie photo

We've already posted some teaser info and such for the upcoming Blue Exorcist movie, and it looks like there has been another update to their official website with a buttload of new design, work-in-progress, storyboard, and character drawings, as well as the information that Rie Kugimiya will be lending her wonderful voice to a new, original character for the movie called Usamaro. (via Comic Natalie)

You can check out a few of the designs and artwork in the gallery (the thumbnails are hidden, but the gallery is there), and head on over to Crunchyroll for more! I enjoyed looking through them, myself - there is some top notch work here in these captures and I absolutely love all the festival-themed designs and settings.

Finally, if you're in Japan and grab your tickets early, you could also get a New Year's "good fortune" card with your ticket if you're among the first 500,000, and Animate appears to be getting ready with their own exclusive merchandise as well, according to Crunchyroll. Huzzah for Blue Exorcist fans in Japan!

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