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Ghost in the Shell: Arise project launch to be streamed

7:00 PM on 02.04.2013 // Elliot Gay

The Ghost in the Shell franchise holds a very special place in my heart. When I was just a little kid, my uncle purchased a copy of the film on CD. While I didn't understand any of the story content at the time, I was blown away by the aesthetic and the action. 

The following Stand Alone Complex TV series did a lot to flesh out the universe and give depth to the cast of likable characters. In many ways, I find myself hoping with each season that another great scifi tale will just come along. I've yet to be impressed, unfortunately.

That being said, I have a lot of hope for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: Arise project. We have close to no details on it, but I can't help but be excited at the chance to return to this fascinating world of cyborgs and political intrigue. 

Fortunately, none of us will have to wait too long for more details. Bandai Visual announced that on February 12, they will be streaming the Ghost in the Shell: Arise project launch worldwide via YouTube and the Bandai Channel. Literally no information regarding the content of the stream has been unveiled, though I would bet that at the very least we'll see more character designs. I'd personally love to see footage of some kind, even if it's still in a rough state.

[via ANN

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