Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex manga in the works

8:10 PM on 12.15.2009
Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex manga in the works photo

Get ready for some more mass naked child events, this time in manga format, as Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex is getting a manga adaptation. Though the cyberized world of Ghost in the Shell is practically a paperless one, to see such a futuristic work spun off onto such archaic format is refreshing. In fact, I think I remember it being a plot point of that series.

Anyway, according to Comic Natalie the manga will be serialized in Comic Young and is slated to start in February of 2010. It will be illustrated by Murai Sadayuk, who also handled the manga version of Katsuhiro Otomo's Steamboy.

For the record, this means that there are now three different interpretations of Ghost in the Shell floating around, one based on the Mamoru Oshii movies, one based on the original Masamune Shirow manga, and one based on Standalone Complex. And all of them with the Major having horrid fashion sense (Standalone Complex being the worst offender).

Which version of the Major's fashion sense do you most tolerate? I prefer the version present in the 2nd season of Standalone Complex. She actually wears pants in that one.

[Thanks for the translation, Raz!]

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