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Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever

12:10 PM on 05.05.2013
Girls und PanzerGirls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever photo

Ah, the dakimakura. Few things in otaku culture are more indicative of one's...*ahem* "power level" than being in possession of a large hug pillow emblazoned with the visage of your 2D spouse.

That is, unless you're a fan of old World War II tank, in which case no mere wife or husband will do. This is where Girls und Panzer comes in, as a bunch of sick/brilliant minds at Circle Gewalt are selling this lovely Girls und Panzer-themed dakimakura, which is shaped, sized and detailed as if a 7.5cm-K.Gr.rot.Pz anti-tank round, used in the KwK 37 cannon that served as the main gun on a Panzer IV, the "hero tank" of the show.

From the looks of it it's a pretty faithful replica, down to accurate printing on the "shell casing". It'll be a perfect gift for your military history-buff friend, or a high-level Girls und Panzer fan. And unlike some of the cooler merch I've seen, it's not a bad price either, just ¥3,000 (about $31). Unfortunately, you need to have been at Saturday's "Sailor Uniforms and Tank-driving" fan event to actually buy it. I'm sure that by now anyone willing to sell it will have jacked up the price like it were a real tank round!

Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever photo
Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever photo
Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever photo
Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever photo

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