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Glorious Gundam Memories screens and video action

1:00 PM on 05.05.2011

Hiroko Yamamura


Namco Bandai have dropped some more tantalizing information about their upcoming Gundam Memories action title for the PSP. I've played most of Gundam games on every system with blind love. I've even endured some pretty poor game mechanics to feel the joy of piloting various Mobile Suits. However, there are some superb Gundam games, and Gundam Memories is shaping up to be an instant import.

Want to pilot the RX-0 Unicorn, and engage Destroy Mode? I absolutely do. The beautifully cel shaded battle system looks to feature a tag team system in the vein of the Marvel vs Capcom, allowing for powerful team attacks. A peak at the official site is giving a not too far release date of June 23.

Check out the trailer and attack system videos after the jump.

[Via Andriasang]


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