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Go-Buster vs Gokaiger's trailer traverses through time

12:00 PM on 12.11.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

The hunt for the transparent Ranger Keys begins

Unlike the last promo, Toei has dug up some booty that will shiver your timbers for the upcoming Go-Busters vs Gokaiger. It turns out that the special Ranger Keys are going to be the center of an all-out treasure hunt between the Go-Busters and the new Zangyack alliance. And in order to make this hunt worthwhile, we get some Pirates of the Caribbean-like music to go with the trailer. 

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that there's going to be some time traveling involved, which might have been set up by Gai. Either way, I think that everything will come together nicely, since I have yet to encounter a Super Sentai team-up movie where things fall apart. 

If you happen to see it in Japanese theaters, you will receive a special Dice-O card for efforts. And speaking of which, there's still a side of me that wishes to try out those cards. I guess that's going to be another thing to put on my to-do list. 

[via Henshin Justice, image by Maru

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