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Go Pastillage! Dog Days is getting a third season

5:00 PM on 11.25.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

I wonder what season three's nickname is going to be?

Everyone, stop what you are doing! You have been drafted to go to war, because the realm of Flonyard is in need of some brave warriors. But don't be scared, since Flonyard's wars are actually classified as a series of battles and sport events where the casualties are zero. In fact, you might have a blast, as you hone your own fighting skills in the heat of battle. 

So why am I bringing up a war that takes place in a faraway land? Well, the illustrator of Dog Days's manga adaptation, Takuya Fujima, has announced that a third season of the Dog Days anime is being made. However, they have yet to announce the date that it will air on, so let's assume that we might see it during 2013. 

You can expect me to jump on the third season, along with giving the new season a nickname that will be made by Josh. Since Cinque, Becky, and Nanami are going to return to Flonyard, which kingdom are you all going to route for in season three? 

[via Yaraon]

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