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Grab your leeks, the diva is heading to PS Vita!

4:00 PM on 10.05.2011 // Chris Walden

If you didn't already have a reason to drop some money on Sony's latest handheld, this could be it! According to the 'DIP Job Engine Agent' website, there is a company looking for a game planner to work on a "PS Vita version of Hatsune Miku project diva." The company itself isn't outright named, but the details that were given in the advert point straight to Sega, who of course created the two PSP titles (with a third inbound in November,) as well as the arcade iteration. 

I am an absolute sucker for rhythm games, and Project Diva is certainly one of my favourites. Let's hope that the Vita title uses a few of the new mechanics introduced in the arcade version, but for now we can be happy knowing that we can import this title without having to worry about region locks. So, is this news going to sway anyone into buying a Vita?

[via ANN]

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