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Greatest software ad ever: Trend Micro's Password Manager

11:23 PM on 01.22.2013 // Dale North

Cannot. Stop. Listening.

Only can Japan make you excited about an advertisement for PC software. Trend Micro's Password Manager has received the full treatment, complete with a character, theme song and animation. Head over to the 'Pasumane' webpage to see this killer music video/advertisement for the software, with the movie coming from Tange Films, and music from Aniplex and voice actress Kana Hanazawa.

Hit the 'movie' link and be treated to a fantastic song and video, and be ready to hit the replay button after you instantly fall in love with it. The theme song's chorus is suuuuper cute, and I can't get over the scene where she's riding on the back of Mr. Manager, flying through a password-filled space. This is the best thing ever.

Don't forget to grab the free wallpaper and PC trial download.

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