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Gundam Age video game to evolve into two versions

3:00 PM on 05.14.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

I think we have found the answer to why Level-5 has taken their sweet time with the upcoming Gundam Age game for the PSP. It turns out that they are taking the Pokémon route by releasing two versions of the game in the form of Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive.

Both versions are going to feature various Gundams from the far corners of the Gundamverse. Units from Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 have been confirmed for Cosmic Drive. While they have yet to make any announcements for the units that are going to appear in Universe Accel, I am going to bet my money and assume that it will feature every unit from the Universal Century timeline. 

The game is also looking to be a spiritual sequel to MS Saga: A New Dawn for the PS2, which was a Gundam RPG game that allowed you to build your own units by using parts and weapons from various Gundam animes. Thus allowing you to create the mobile suit of your dreams -- gotta build em all!

Unlike MS Saga, Age will feature a multiplayer mode where you get to take your custom unit and see how it holds out against other players. 

Both versions of the Gundam Age game will launch in Japan on August 9 for 5,980 yen. Even if you are not a fan of the Gundam Age anime, there is a chance that the game might be a fun RPG to check out if you are a Gundam fan. 

[via Andriasang]

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