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Gundam cosplay is majestic, might not fit through doors

7:00 AM on 04.16.2012

Are you really into figures but never quite got into cosplay? this gentleman found the perfect solution to integrating both hobbies: why not turn yourself into a life-sized gunpla? Sounds like a reasonable but not necessarily painless way to crossover --but then again all model-builders display traces of masochism. 

The man behind the mask is Clive Lee a.k.a miragecld, a game designer from Singapore. He has been the recipient of four special awards at the MAC EOY convention, and was the grand winner of the Anime Festival Asia 2009 Cosplay Championship. Why hadn't I heard on him before? I've been living under a rock, obviously.

Below you will find several pictures of Mr. Lee cosplaying as The Knight of Gold from Five Stars Stories, Gundam Unicorn, 00 Raiser, and Freedom Gundam --my favorite one. Still want more? check out his deviantart page. While you might not find pictures of all of them, Lee claims to have cosplayed as many as 12 different mecha. 

[Via gundamguy]

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