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Hands-on with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

9:00 AM on 02.18.2012 // Elliot Gay

Rhythm games are fun. I think this is a fact we can all agree on. Final Fantasy music is typically very, very good. I'd like to believe that most people have at least one favorite soundtrack out of the thirteen main games. Combining Final Fantasy music and a rhythm game seems like the most obviously brilliant idea in the world. Thank goodness Square Enix figured that one out for us. 

Released for the Nintendo 3DS on February 16 here in Japan, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy features music from all thirteen games. Excluding DLC, the game contains 60+ pieces of classic music for you to get your game on with, and a variety of different game modes that involve leveling up characters and unlocking tons of fanservice-y stuff. 

I was ready to hate this game, but instead I'm loving the living hell out of it. As such, I decided to record a quick hands-on video of one of the playable tracks. Forgive the awkward set up.

Video after the break!


Elliot Gay, Contributor
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