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Happy birthday, Hatsune Miku!

6:16 PM on 08.31.2008 // Brad Rice

Since Topher is off enjoying PAX and the good life that it entails, I'm left to defend the Hatsune Miku fort. Which really, that was a bad idea. So, to celebrate Miku's birthday, as it's the first anniversary since Crypton released Vocaloid2, which lead to Miku's birth. Miku knows how to celebrate her 17th birthday in style, as she is getting a rhythm-based PSP game, Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA -, from Sega.

Down after the jump are two promotional videos for the game that moetron picked up. While we're at it, I just wanted to point you to a couple of posts that we've done here at the Modern Method Network celebrating Hatsune Miku and the culture around her. It's really an amazing phenomenon that's taken Japan by storm -- above and beyond the other two girls, as loli-icious as they may be.

I'm sure a good chunk of you are total Hatsune Miku fans. Could you share some of your favorite videos and songs that have been put out? I only got to hear so much from Topher when he'd play her music in the car, as he and I were usually in separate cars.


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