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Happy Holidays from Japanator

8:00 AM on 12.25.2011 // Hiroko Yamamura

So, it's 8 AM in Chicago right now, I wanted to make sure to be the first to wish you a happy holiday and a merry Christmas from your friends at Japanator. It's been a fatalistic year for me at the site, and we still have a few weeks left of 2011! We really appreciate all the support, comments, and straight up good times going on the community blogs. It's an amazing time to share our love and undying fandom for all the exciting bits of media and entertainment coming from Japan. It's even better to have a home here where we can all share it together.

I would love to see some images of your hardcore otaku goods you scores on the c-blogs! Any give or get something absolutely amazing? I scored an epic stack of games that will keep me busy for a quite a while. 

We'll, it's the holidays, go spend some time with your loved one, family, or loving pet! Dont worry we'll be here waiting for you to come back!


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