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Harems, magical girls, little sisters come to Crunchyroll

8:00 PM on 01.02.2011 // Lauren Rae Orsini

Like magical girls? Like little sisters? Like harems? In that case... sounds like you're an anime fan.

But ALSO if you like these things, you're going to be happy about Crunchyroll's three newest releases, even though they aren't new at all! These older shows are popular enough to merit a brand new run on the streaming site. 

Canvas 2 is the story of an art director who cherishes his young cousin "like his own baby sister" and frees her mind from previous hardships through the therapeutic process of painting. Magician's Academy is a harem anime about an aspiring wizard who lives with three of his gorgeous classmates. Venus to Mamoru! is the story of a boy who has his life saved by a magical girl and decides to ask her out.

Are you going to watch any of these shows? I think Canvas 2 sounds pretty interesting.

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