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He's back! Keiji Inafune to return in Neptune V

1:00 PM on 05.10.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

No matter how busy Inafune is with developing video games, he will always make time for his triumphant summon. What better way to reintroduce the father of Megaman by attaching his head onto the front of the Yamato from Space Battleship Yamato. Remember the guy that was behind the summoning in the teaser trailer for Neptune V? It turns out that he is going to stand on the front of the Inafune Space Battleship as it flies through the sky. 

In commemoration to Inafune's arrival, more screenshots from Neptune V have surfaced. Besides the return of the three console goddesses, there is a new character known as Pururut. She is the current ruler of Planeptune, which Neptune will watch over in the later games. When she takes the form Iris Heart, she looks like she might be the kind of person that dominates over others. If that's the case, then I think that she will play an amusing role in the story. 

Neptune V come out in Japan during the summer. Until then, you can hop on the Inafune Space Battleship, and check out the images below. 

[via Andriasang, Siliconera]

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