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Here are more details for the Bleach: Soul Ignition game

6:11 PM on 03.19.2011 // Josh Tolentino

It's been a little while since we posted some information about the first HD Bleach game, Bleach: Soul Ignition for the PlayStation 3. I blame the fact that the demo was quite unimpressive, but with every new reveal there's always a chance for hope to be rekindled.

A series of magazine leaks and official confirmations have revealed that at least 10 playable characters will be present in the game. Several versions of Ichigo (such as his Hollow and movie renditions) will be playable alongside Rukia and Uryuu.

No Bleach property is complete without some representation from the Soul Reaper Captains, so mainstays Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Kyouraku will also be present.

On the Arrancar side are Tia Harribel (the sexy shark-lady), Ulquiorra (the emo dude who turns into a half-furry) and Coyote Starrk (the guy with guns that shoot exploding ghost wolves). Interestingly, Yammy is also revealed in his monstrous Godzilla-like form, though existing screenshots suggest that he might be appearing as a boss rather than as a playable character.

Magazine scans also note that the game will have a character progression system similar to Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid, that Studio Pierrot will be animating a custom intro for it, and that its opening theme will be SID's "Ranbu no Melody", which happens to be the current OP theme for the anime, as well.

While I'm still unmotivated by the actual gameplay (and this is coming from a guy that likes Dynasty Warriors), Bleach Soul Ignition is actually looking OK, if only visually.

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