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Here, Gainax put some English subs on your Pleiades show

8:00 AM on 02.09.2011 // Josh Tolentino

Hokago no Pleiades was something of a surprise to me when its first portions hit recently. Being a collaboration between Gainax and carmaker Subaru, I figured that the show would be little more than an extended car commercial, its touted magical girls simply driving cars around in search of the best car ever...only to find out that they were already driving it! Gasp!

Instead, the result was an unusually sincere production, one that at first glance wouldn't look like any sort of corporate tie-in. In fact, the only connection I've found so far was that the sticks the magical girls wielded were shaped like the headlights and frontal grills of several Subaru car models. Not exactly blatant, yeah?

Then again, maybe I missed something, because it was all in Japanese at the time. 

Not anymore. Gainax and Subaru have noticed Pleiades' international attention, and happily slapped on officially-sanctioned English subtitles. Now you too can enjoy the show, renamed to Wish Upon the Pleiades. Check it out below.








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