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Here's some of April Fools' Day '17's anime and tokusatsu industry announcements

8:00 AM on 04.03.2017 // Salvador G Rodiles

Why do they make us suffer?

If there's one thing about April Fools' Day that brings despair to the heart of people everywhere, it's the fake announcements that companies make on this faithful day of pranks. While we know they're not true, most of these segments can hit us hard since they'll likely never come true.

In light of this yearly ritual, I posted some of the anime and toku announcements that made my day.

First up, Toei decided to hit us with a prank where Dragon Ball Super would get an arc called the "Social Survival Arc." Compare to the series' other sagas, this one would force Goku and the crew to work in a business so they could help make the economy better.

While I haven't watched Super yet, this Arc might've gotten me to watch it in a heartbeat if this was a real event. In fact, this saga could've been on par with the Dragon Ball Z's filler episode where Chichi forced Goku and Piccolo to get a driver's license.


While we're on the topic of Toei, they also hit us with the Digimon Adventure tri follow-up film known as Sukamon Adventure tri. Honestly, the idea sounds a bit better than the last two tri compilations. Nonetheless, I'm still hoping that the third sequel to the original will still hit us with a nice ending when everything comes together. 

If Sukamon Adventure tri was real, I'm certain it would be a stinkin' hilarious addition to the classic Digimon titles.


Last on the list of Toei pranks, the company hit us with a new Kamen Rider Drive installment called Kamen Rider Brain. The new project would hit Japan in 2035, which would be an odd move for the company to take so long on a title. I guess that's how long it would take for it to be on the same level as a high-budget production.


If you're looking forward to the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie, then you'll be happy to see that the team has found the purrfect actor to play as Alphonse Elric. From the looks of it, I think we have our Japanese film of the year.


With 2017 marking the 20th anniversary of King of the Braves GaoGaiGar, we were treated with two new Brave projects in the form of King of Laundry GaoaRaiGar and GaoaRaiGar Final. These new OVAs were the result of GaoGaiGar combining with Rascal the Racoon's animals.

Since Yoshitomo Yonetani (GaoGarGar series and Brigadoon's Director) collaborated with Bandai Candy, Sunrise and Nippon Animation, this could've been an interesting show, as the idea of a robot that cleans up foes who find doing laundry to be too tough sounds like a priceless title. But alas, we'll just have to live another year without a new Brave super robot anime.


For those who want to show off their love for giant monster flicks, Toho unveiled their new smartphone that resembles Godzilla's second form from Godzilla Resurgence/Shin Godzilla. Before you get too excited, this device is known for causing radiation leakage if you don't keep it cool at all times.

Other than that, it sounds like a nice thing to own if you're willing to move to Haneda in the Kamata area-- assuming it's still there.


As a couple of us wait for New Game!'s second season, the show's official site chose to hit us with a prank where the sequel would have Aoba and the rest of Eagle Jump trapped in a Dragon Quest-like game. If this was real, it might be similar to Konosuba or The Hero Yoshihiko. Silly enough, the fake installment would be called Powerful New Game!, which hints that the gang is in for a tough challenge. 

For now, we'll just have to wait for the real New Game! Season 2 to air.


Now that Kyoryuger Brave hit Korea, Brennan Mejia (Power Ranger Dino Charge's Tyler/Red Dino Charge Ranger) decided to make a joke that's related to this news.

Seeing that Dino Charge used Kyoryuger's footage, he decided to announce that the show would get a miniseries that borrows footage from Kyoryuger Brave, the official Korean spin-off to the dinosaur samba-themed Sentai series.

Out of most of the pranks that happened on Saturday, I could see this one becoming a thing in the future-- assuming that Bandai and Saban want to make more money from Dino Charge's toys. In the meantime, I'll see how Brave will turn later this month.


I may not have gotten the chance to check out Super Sonico's projects, it was nice to see that her anime did a great job in expressing her passion for being a model. For this special day, Sonico was going to star in her own tokusatsu-like show known as Ultra Sonico on April 4, 2106. Interestingly, she was going to become Ultraman's successors, which would look good on her resume.

Considering that most of us wouldn't be alive to see this project come to fruition, Sonico's fans will just have to be satisfied with her current content. 


While I'm still slowly working my way through the first Senran Kagura game, my current knowledge of the cast made me appreciate XSEED Game's first anime project, Stealth Kids of Ninja High. All in all, the whole thing felt like a 4Kids production and/or a '90s Americanized anime series, which helped make the trailer funny.

The downside about this prank is that it's not being made into an abridged series. On the bright side, we can still look forward to XSEED's localization in their upcoming games, such as Akiba's Beat and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


If you're waiting for more updates on the over-the-top puppet show Thunderbolt Fantasy's second season, Nitro+, Goodsmile and Pili International Multimedia decided to create a crossover project with Touken Ranbu, the browser game that turns legendary Japanese swords into male characters. This resulted in a video where a puppet of Mikazuki Munechika met Lin Xue Ya.

Unfortunately, the video was taken down after April Fools' Day, but you can still look at the poster that talks about its April 1, 2205. On a different note, it'll be funny to see the people from that era learn about these fake dates when they look through the historical archives from our time.

[via ANN, Crunchyroll, Daisuki Toku, Power Morphicon's Facebook Page]

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