Hey lady, Rei Ayanami called; She wants her plugsuit back

9:36 AM on 11.10.2012 // Josh Tolentino

OMG IT'S TEH....Rei?

Look, miss, I understand the motivation here. Cosplay's cool, and as a hopeless nerd I applaud the apparent decision to make it part of the prestigious Victoria's Secret fashion show this year. Alongside Justin Bieber, a distinctly Evangelion-esque faux-plugsuit hugged some young flesh-and-blood lady onstage like we hug our Rei Ayanami life-size pillows in private.

That said, I do have to question the move to open up *ahem* the "boob window". British model Jourdan Dunn deserves better, Victoria's Secret! She deserves the full plugsuit experience, including preposterously layered hair, the duty to defend earth from horrifying aliens, and the revelation that one is actually a clone of some creepy-looking guy's dead wife with a bonus apocalypse-trigger built in.

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