High school senior caught with Death Note

4:24 PM on 11.24.2007

The tantalizing power of Death Note can not be overlooked, because once again another person has made an attempt to harness its power. This time it was a Richmond public school student who was suspended for writing the names of fellow students in his own homemade Death Note. However, the child’s plans were thwarted due to an eagle eyed teacher whose detective skills rival that of L.

I think what we learned here is to either not create a Death Note in the first place, or use it blatantly in front of others. What did Light teach you? Did he ever pull out the Death Note in school and show his friends a thing or two? Never!

Well the story might end there, but I do not think its over yet. Where is this Death Note now? Can anyone truly possess it with succumbing to its sweet killing power? I don’t believe so; because humans are truly interesting creatures.

[Via NBC12

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