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Highschool of the Dead returns in Apocalyptic fashion

4:00 PM on 02.09.2013

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

I'm Wet!

Lovers of zombies, anime, and physically impossible boob physics rejoice, because Highschool of the Dead is back! Or rather, it will be, after going on hiatus way back in January 2011. For those not yet sick of the inimitable zombie apocalypse/boob combination, it's been a long, difficult wait.

No longer. A tease in the color editions 5th and 6th volumes of Daisuke and Shoji Sato's zombies-and-boobs epic reveal a new title for the series' return: Highschool of the Dead Apocalypse. Not much more is known beyond a "Spring 2013" debut.

Hmm...that title sounds a bit redundant to me. The apocalypse has pretty much already happened, after all. At least, the zombie apocalypse has. Perhaps the Satos are planning another cataclysm to really take things to Mad Max levels? Maybe a nuclear holocaust or meteor strike would make things even worse for our gang of well-endowed teens.

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