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Holy macaroni! Infinite Souls trailer is pure overkill

2:00 PM on 02.01.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Move over Nippon Ichi and Banpresto, because Compile Heart is the new kid in town. First they revealed to us that you can have a party of 16 characters (You heard that right people.). How many RPG games allow you to use a party made up of 16 members? None that I can think of (Strategy RPGs don't count.). Then we have Takehito Harada as the character designer for the game, along with over the top animations that borrow elements from Super Robot Wars and Nippon Ichi's strategy RPG games.

It has always been my dream to see someone recreate elements of Nippon Ichi's games such as Disgaea in 3D graphics. Infinite Souls is definitely pulling this off, as we see things get destroyed at a universal level.

Now I will get to feel the guilt of pummeling my foes with attacks that go beyond the standards of destroying someone (Because sometimes they don't deserve it.), in 3D. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a grind fest while we learn these new moves. As ridiculous as theses attacks are shaping up to be, I hope that the gameplay and story are on the same level of what we were shown here. Otherwise it might suffer the same fate that Neptunia went through.

Hold on to your socks people, as we witness some sequences of cosmic proportions in this trailer after the jump.

[via Siliconera]


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