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How Samuel L Jackson got into anime

8:30 AM on 02.02.2009 // Brad Rice

Samuel L Jackson is a fantastic actor, even if he has been typecast in the role of "angry black man," to one degree or another. But of course, it's awesome to see him so involved with Afro Samurai. To be honest, I never really pegged him as the type to watch much anime, but Connecticut Metromix sat down with Sammy J and talked with him about the role.

Apparently, Mr. Jackson just fell into the genre. "I’ve been trolling the comic book world forever. And through doing that, I got turned on to things like Ninja Scroll. Also, when I was in Japan, they gave me a big box of the stuff. And I sat and watched a bunch of it, and knew what was going on even though it was all in Japanese. They hadn’t put any subtitles on it."

And what's some of his favorite titles? Black Lagoon, he says. Of course, there's always Ninja Scroll. Jackson is also trying to bring anime to the common folk as well. "I’m actually trying to create an anime block for some station. Something that would have new stuff and some existing stuff."

Check out more of the interview here, where Jackson also talks a bit about making the Afro Samurai game. You know, he coded the entire thing. He's just that awesome.

[Via AICN Anime]

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