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Hunter rank increased: Capcom to release new MonHun goods

6:00 PM on 09.25.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Don't forget to eat before you go hunting.

To most hunters, hunting monsters can be serious business. There are also times when we desire to hunt in style, which is where Capcom comes into play. Hunters can now equip a stylish sukajan jacket that features the Jinouga from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Portable 3rd. The only catch to owning this extravagant piece of swag is that you have to cough up 33,600 yen (Around US $431.00) -- ouch. 

For the middle class hunters, Capcom has also created a Monster Hunter 3U t-shirt that features various monsters from the game in a chibi form on one shirt for 2,993 yen (Around US $38.00), and it comes in the form of blue or white. If you desire an alternate container for your special potions and drinks, then you will love their new Monster Hunter mug that contains the same illustrations from the t-shirt for only 1,260 yen (Around US $16.00). And speaking of potions, hunters can now own a Mega Potion, Demondrug, and Power Juice that can be attached to your cellphone for 840 yen (Around US $11.00).

The most important thing on the list is that you can now keep track of those event quests with your very own 2013 Monster Hunter calender for the same price of the mug. 

It's unfortunate that the Jinouga jacket is very expensive, but I bet that its quality will make it worth wild for any huge spender. Since most hunters can't afford the jacket, the mug and t-shirt sound like an alternate choice to use as an example for when you want to talk to someone about the priceless moments that went on during each hunt. 

All of the items mentioned on here will be available at the Japanese Capcom online store. As you wait for the event quest to open, you can check out the new swag in gallery below. 

[via Siliconera]

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