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Huzzah: Kino's Journey gets a new anime series

8:00 AM on 03.14.2017 // Salvador G Rodiles

Will it be a remake or sequel?

There's something wonderful about an older incomplete adaptation series coming back since it increases the chances of it coming to a triumphant conclusion. With a new Kino's Journey anime, the series about a girl and her talking bike traveling to different areas while learning about each place's culture, announced at the Dengeki Games Festival '17, the time has come for fans of the original series to rejoice.

Aside from the new project being a TV series, it turns out that Aoi Yuki (Madoka Magica's Madoka, Kamen Rider Ghost's Yurusen) will voice Kino, instead of Ai Maeda. On top of that, Soma Saito (Granblue Fantasy's Feather, WWW.WAGNARIA!!'s Daichi) is voicing Hermes the talking motorcycle (previously voiced by Ryuji Aigase) in the upcoming anime.

While it's weird for the new Kino's Journey anime to replace its previous voice actors, I'm still excited for this project. My guess is that this is a sign that it'll be a remake, instead of a sequel. Either way, it'll be nice to see the series in a nicer animation quality. Who knows, this could lead to Kino and her bike staying at places for three days that weren't covered in the previous show and films, so that's something to look forward to.

To those who watched Kino's Journey, are you all looking forward to the new TV series?

[via ANN]

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