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Huzzah! Psycho-Pass is a two cour series

11:42 PM on 09.13.2012 // Elliot Gay

Upcoming NoitaminA series, Psycho Pass, has been confirmed to run a full two cours this upcoming fall season. With characters designed by Akira Amano (Hitman Reborn!), the scenario penned by Urobuchi Gen (Fate/Zero) and Production I.G on the job, there's a fair amount of hype swirling around this one.

Psycho Pass takes place in a world where people's thoughts aren't their own. If you're found to have a high "crime-mind index", you're hunted down by Executers. The latter are not untouchable however, and they sometimes fall under the influence of the targets they were supposed to hunt. Hence, they work with Inspectors who keep a close eye on their partner. The main character of this joint is Tsunemori Akane, a 20 year old rookie Inspector.

The whole thing is very Minority Report-like, and I'm perfectly fine with that. This sounds like the kind of story that needs a full two seasons. It'll be running a total of 22 episodes.

The first episode of Psycho Pass airs on October 11. 

[via Sanspo]

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