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Huzzah! Sen no Kiseki has horseback riding

5:00 PM on 01.31.2013

Elliot Gay


Falcom's upcoming PS3/Vita RPG, Sen no Kiseki, is probably my single most anticipated game release of the year. The sixth game in Falcom's long running JRPG series, Sen takes place in the Erebonian Empire, a location long talked about within the franchise's lore. 

This week's Falcom magazine had some new, albeit tiny, screenshots to share, some of which shine some light on this mysterious project. If the images are to be believed, you'll be able to ride horses across the large 3D environments. I have to admit, that's pretty damn cool. 

While I doubt that this'll happen, I'd love to see combat while horseback riding. That was one of my favorite elements of the underrated Wild Arms 3

In any case, squint your eyes and take a gander at the shots in the gallery below.

[via Hachima]

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