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I called it: AKB rage video a hoax

10:00 AM on 03.01.2013 // Josh Tolentino

And a profitable one, at that

Remember when that one AKB48 fan seemed to go a little bit crazy in video format at the news of Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi's alleged indiscretions? Back in that post, I wrote that I "sincerely hope that this an attempt to parody the hardest-core Wota" rather than a genuine expression of anger.

Turns out I was right! It was indeed a hoax, but what makes this even better than any old mildly successful troll is that the man running the video turned his trolling to profit. It seems the false (and ingenious) fan turned YouTube's revenue-generating ability to his advantage, managing to convert the roughly 700,000 views into enough money to buy a brand-new bike. 

He then released the video above to both apologize to AKB48 and thank/taunt his viewers.

Such entrepreneurship! I wish I had thought of that scheme.

[Via Rocketnews]

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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