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Ichigo Mashimaro themed 360: For the lolicon in all of us

1:45 PM on 11.09.2007

Brad Rice


If Ichigo Mashimaro doesn't scream lolicon, I don't know what does. That being said, I absolutely love how cute the show is, and I find this 360 just as cute. This is an old image set grabbed off of one of the chans, but we never had the gallery feature when I first got it, so now's the time to show you. Check out the gallery below to see the ultra-cute 360 that will surely attract Chris Hansen.

From what I remember, all of what's on the 360 were printed beforehand and attached to the console. I've seen some painted ones before, but they rarely come out as nice. If you've got any anime themed consoles, let us know!

Oh, and if you could, please take a seat, right over there...the party van will be here shortly.

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