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Idol of the Week: Arisa Oda

6:00 PM on 02.10.2010 // Brad Rice

Name: Arisa Oda
Birthdate: October 13, 1982
Home: Kanagawa
Sizes: 90/58/86 cm

Dale seems to have an inherent preference for girls much younger than him -- most of them around my age -- so I suppose it's only right for me to balance things out with girls who are a bit more experienced. She's a gravure idol who made the switch to the AV world back in 2008, but before that, tackled television and movies, appearing in Akihabara@Deep.

Now she's working in titles like Harlotry of the Pheremone Nurse. You can see why she's popular enough to star in a Sex and the City parody flick.

You're welcome.

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