Idol(s) of the Week: Macross Week

6:00 PM on 10.12.2012 // Hiroko Yamamura

Perhaps a slightly more mature lady?

Did you think I would let Minmei grace the pages of Japanator without giving Misa a fair shake? Perhaps she lacks the pizzazz and raw appeal that a little firecracker like Minmei has, but what's sexier to you? A lady that can sing and dance, or a gal who can pilot a Super Dimension Space Fortress? Looks like Hikaru made the right choice.

Although tough and by the book, Misa always showed her sweet side. Underneath it all she was still a vulnerable young girl, just looking for love! Unfortunately since leaving as Captain on the SDF2 Megaroad, she was never heard from again. Female driver joke anyone?

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Hiroko Yamamura, Editor-in-Chief
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