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Idolmaster 2 PS3 reveals its Gravure For You mode

1:00 PM on 08.07.2011 // Josh Tolentino

And if you know what "gravure" means, then you might as well dub it "Creeper Mode". It's a sub-game to be included with the upcoming PlayStation 3 rerelease of idol-grooming sim The [email protected] 2. As you might see in the header, and the trailer below, player/producers can set up photo shoots for their chosen idols, complete with suggestive poses and custom camera angles.

Gravure For You will only be available with the game's Special Edition, which also comes with a box to contain Blu-ray releases of The [email protected] anime. You'll need somewhere to keep your videos of Makoto and Miki, after all.

That said, I'd say it's rather less...uncomfortable than anything present in the various Dead or Alive Xtreme titles. Well, until they reveal the pole-dancing DLC. Then things get weird.

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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