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If I Were in a Sealed Room 3DS game gets even creepier

10:00 AM on 02.20.2012 // Elliot Gay

So I've been playing a lot of Good People Die (Vita version) lately, which as some of you may know is the sequel to the DS puzzle/visual novel 999. The core gameplay involves making choices and escaping from locked rooms. It's quite fantastic and I'm looking forward to exploring more games in the genre.

If I were in a Sealed Room With a Girl I'd Probably XXX will not be one of those games. I had sort of figured that D3 would be using girls in bikinis as a small incentive to purchase the game, but I was woefully incorrect. I've actually seen no actual gameplay involving escaping from rooms. Hell, there might not be any of that kind of real gameplay at all!

There are however a seemingly endless stream of girls in various states of dress. Apparently, if you purchase the first print of the game, you'll recieve a bonus title called If Kokoro Changed into a Swimsuit. Taking place before the start of the main game, you visit Kokoro and she changes into a bikini. Or something.

The hell if I know what's going on anymore. Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Check out the pics below. I guess.

[via Andriasang]

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