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Ika Musume BD release date confirmed, priced at $59.99

11:00 PM on 11.15.2011 // MARC

The first season of Shinryaku! Ika Musume, also known in the US as Squid Girl, now has a solid release date on Blu-Ray since it was announced that the series has been licensed by Media Blasters back in June. All 12 episodes will be available in one package next year on March 13th, and will cost you about 60 squid bucks.

Alternatively, the season is available on two DVD sets if picture quality isn't really an issue for you. As fans of the series probably already know, the first half was released back in September, so if you're still don't where de-geso comes from, then what are you waiting for?! Catch up on this series ASAP!

What do you guys think of this price of admission? Personally, $59.99 seems like a fairly, some-what standard price for the industry (as sad as that seems). However, with the two halves up for grabs on RightStuf for less than $20 each on DVD as well as a shorter wait than for the Blu-Ray (December 6th for the entire DVD package), the latter option seems a bit more appealing. If you're planning on taking over the world when these disks ship out, how will you do it?

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