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In-N-Out Burger comes to Japan, but just for one day

3:00 PM on 03.28.2012 // Bob Muir

Since moving out to Los Angeles last year, I have been exposed to the wonder of In-N-Out Burger, perhaps the second-best fast food burger chain in the country. Five Guys is still at the top of my list (especially now that a rare West Coast location has opened up on Wilshire Boulevard), but I never turn down the opportunity to go to In-N-Out, and it's a place I recommend to any friend of mine visiting the area.

For one day, Japan also had an In-N-Out! Zip-Zap in Harajuku transformed into the burger joint and served up the usual tasty fixings. (I wonder if they had the option to order off the secret menu?) The goal of the event was to research the Japanese market and see if it's worth bringing the chain over, at least according to Twitter. Lots of customers tweeted photos of their tasty burgers.

Of course, even if In-N-Out ends up opening in Japan, it will still have to compete against the McDonald's juggernaut and Japan's own MOS Burger. Still, as a fan of the chain's approach to fast food burgers, I wish it good luck if it moves across the Pacific!

[Via Japan Probe]

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