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Inafune fires lasers in Neptunia V's new English images

11:46 PM on 02.01.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Inafune Beam!

With one month left until Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory reaches western shores, NIS America is gracing the stage with the amazing Inafune Space Battleship. The Keiji Cannon (Thanks for the attack nickname, TruthTellah.) is not the only thing that NISA has shared with everyone, since the retro version of Gameindustri has Pacman Ghosts, pipes, Nazca lines with faces, a robot that looks like Dix-Neuf from Diebuster, and a Metroid Shelter -- I smell an awesome parody coming. 

For the most part, the ridiculous Inafune attacks are piquing my curiosity, and my gut feeling is telling me that Neptunia Victory will improve Neptunia Mk II's system. If anything, I might look up the cutscenes for the first game, so that I can hop on the second game right away. Thus completing my plan to be ready for the third entry. However, it might be more interesting to seek the advice of the veterans that have ventured through Gameindusti. 

Neptunia Victory will arrive in North America on March 12th, and the European region will get their share on March 15th. NIS's screenshots have been summoned, and they are ready to be viewed below.

So to those that played the Neptunia games, should I prepare for Neptunia V by playing the second game, or should I play the first two games like a real trooper? 

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