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Incoming bullets: ZUN to appear at Anime Weekend Atlanta

5:45 PM on 02.05.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Touhou fans are going to have a blast.

I may not have played any of the Touhou games, but I find it impressive that the whole series is still being developed by only ZUN himself. And speaking of dedicated creators, the courageous and daring mastermind behind the Touhou series is going to make his first appearance in the US during Anime Weekend Atlanta. Not only is ZUN going to shower his US fans with his presence, he is also going to be one AWA's guests of honor.

If Touhou isn't much of your thing, AWA's two other honorable guests are going to be Yuu Asakawa (Motoko from Love Hina, Hibiki from Amagami, Megurine Luka's voice) and Mitsuo Iwata (Mike Sounders the 13th from GaoGaiGar, Kintaro from Golden Boy, Kaneda from Akira) -- sounds like a good trio so far. But don't think that AWA is done with their announcements, because they are only getting warmed up with their Japanese guests confirmations.

Hmm, I find it intriguing that they are getting two voice actors that have voiced musical characters. But nonetheless, the fact that both of them have played characters that sing has to be some sort of random coincidence. 

ZUN alone sounds like a great motivation for many to check out AWA, since it might be a long time before US Touhou fans get another opportunity like this. AWA will run from September 27th till the 29th, so folks that are contemplating on going have enough time to plan their journey. 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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