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11:03 PM on 09.21.2009

Anime Weekend Atlanta - day three

And I'm finally back home with a report on the last day of Anime Weekend Atlanta (a day late since I went to bed quickly after getting home Sunday). Things quieted down a bit as otaku went on their ways back home in a downpou...

Matthew Whitehead

11:40 PM on 09.19.2009

Anime Weekend Atlanta - day two

It's been another busy and rainy day at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but it was anything but dreary inside the Cobb Galleria as Saturdays usually bring the highest attendance of the con. The day started off with a Funimation ind...

Matthew Whitehead

8:38 PM on 09.18.2009

Anime Weekend Atlanta - day one

Good evening from Anime Weekend Atlanta! It's been a fun (and somewhat tiring) first day here so I'm back in the hotel room a bit early to hopefully get more than a few hours of sleep tonight. The bigger and better Artists' ...

Matthew Whitehead

8:45 PM on 09.17.2009

Hi from Anime Weekend Atlanta

Hello from down here in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm here with my harem of catgirls (...I wish) at the Renaissance Waverly hotel and Cobb Galleria for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009 (with my trusty Eee PC 1000H not using the $14.95 a da...

Matthew Whitehead

5:00 PM on 09.01.2009

Sakura Tange returns to anime in Animal Detectives Kirumins

The seiyuu most responsible for making me into an otaku is coming back to anime this fall. Sakura Tange, best known as Sakura-chan of Cardcaptor Sakura (I have all the Japanese manga, all R1 DVDs, and more than a few figures)...

Matthew Whitehead

5:00 PM on 08.26.2009

Jason carves a wooden Mio with a chainsaw

   Famous slasher Jason from Friday the 13th has apparently traded in his machete for a chainsaw to produce wood carvings (nicknamed "Mokkoroids") of our favorite anime and game characters. Jason-san's mo...

Matthew Whitehead

8:00 PM on 08.24.2009

Toro Station takes a shot at Endless Eight

Every now and then (and sometimes more often), some anime or manga reference is made in Mainichi Issho's daily news program, Toro Station, most often by the black cat, Kuro, a self-proclaimed otaku and Nico Nico Douga premium...

Matthew Whitehead

12:00 PM on 08.22.2009

Third season of Hidamari Sketch announced!

As you can tell by looking at my profile icon, I'm a huge fan of Ume's Aoki 4-koma manga Hidamari Sketch. So when I read the news today about a third season of the anime, Hidamari Sketch x 3 Stars, being announced at the TBS ...

Matthew Whitehead

5:30 PM on 08.19.2009

Aya Hirano didn't like Endless Eight either

Watching the never-ending Endless Eight was hard for us, and it was hard for the voice of Haruhi, Aya Hirano, as well. She said she was really surprised when she found out that she would basically be doing the same act 8 time...

Matthew Whitehead

5:00 PM on 08.19.2009

Untan! Untan! with K-ON! castanets

And the K-ON! merchandising continues, starting with K-ON! castanets so you can untan yourself crazy for only 840 yen. To compliment the castanets are a tamborine and Ritsu drumsticks for 1,260 yen each. Finishing up are Mio ...

Matthew Whitehead

4:00 PM on 08.18.2009

Newtype celebrates the end of Endless Eight... by showing Endless Eight

You hear the news about that HUGE Haruhi announcement Anime Newtype was going to make? Well, turns out that it's hugely lame for the most part (as expected). The Anime Newtype Channel will be celebrating the end of Endless Ei...

Matthew Whitehead

7:30 PM on 07.29.2009

Hello Kitty goes moe at Comiket

Hello Kitty is popular the world over (my sisters and I were frequent visitors to the Sanrio store that used to be at the local mall), but now, Sanrio seems to be making a push to introduce the brand to a new audience with pl...

Matthew Whitehead